Has it really been 10 years?

This site was originally created way back at the start of 2008 as a way for me to keep to hand little snippets of code (particular VBA) which I created and then might need later. I moved away from VBA a long time ago but left this site up as it still seemed to be […]

Add Multiple Blank Rows In Microsoft Excel

Wow!¬† Long time without a post. Anyway, I can’t believe that I’ve never realised how hard it is in the older version of Microsoft Excel to insert multiple blank rows. I searched Google and found a few sites saying press F4 or buy our tools so I wrote¬† quick macro. The macro asks how many […]

A film review

On the 28th of October 2012 I went to York Vue to see Hotel Transylvania I thought it was awesome! My family thought it was, well wait a minute, my sister has two things she thought it was: fantastico and excellent.

A CSS and Javascript Calculator

I was doodling this afternoon on the computer and created this calculator. It’s created using CSS and Javascript. The CSS is drawn from http://css-tricks.com/examples/ButtonMaker/# and the javascript from http://www.code-sucks.com/code/javascript/template.php?tutorial=calculator.php. I can’t embed the calendar on here but it looks like this: It’s nothing particularly clever but should allow you to put a simple calculator on […]