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A film review

On the 28th of October 2012 I went to York Vue to see Hotel Transylvania I thought it was awesome! My family thought it was, well wait a minute, my sister has two things she thought it was: fantastico and excellent.


Stuart Bell Swim School

Just a quick shout out for the Stuart Bell Swim School. (Teaching children to swim in York, UK since 1991). Take a look at

Access 2007: Refering To A Control On A Subform Within A Form On A Tab

Wow! typing that heading is more complicated that solving the problem!

I have a main for that contains a number of tabs (let’s call the form “frm_MainForm”). The tab is called “tab_MyTab” (but this doesn’t really matter – see below!).

One one of those tabs contains another form (let’s call it “frm_FormOnTab”).

This form then contains a subform (let’s call this one “frm_subformOnForm”) which in turn contains a control for which I want to retrieve the value (let’s call the control “txt_MyControl”).

So, to summarise, we have:


How do we reference the value contained in txt_MyControl?

The syntax is:


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