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Access 2007: Refering To A Control On A Subform Within A Form On A Tab

Wow! typing that heading is more complicated that solving the problem!

I have a main for that contains a number of tabs (let’s call the form “frm_MainForm”). The tab is called “tab_MyTab” (but this doesn’t really matter – see below!).

One one of those tabs contains another form (let’s call it “frm_FormOnTab”).

This form then contains a subform (let’s call this one “frm_subformOnForm”) which in turn contains a control for which I want to retrieve the value (let’s call the control “txt_MyControl”).

So, to summarise, we have:


How do we reference the value contained in txt_MyControl?

The syntax is:



Microsoft Access – Parse OpenArgs – Seperating Each OpenArg Value

I haven’t used the OpenArgs property in Microsoft Access for ages.

However, today I needed to pass a variable number of values from a form to another form.

In doing so I needed to seperate out each value passed in the OpenArgs property of the calling form which have been seperated using the | character (accessed using shift + \ on my UK keyboard).

So how did I do it?

Here’s the code:

Dim Hold_OpenArgValues() as String
Hold_OpenArgValues()=Split(Me.OpenArgs, "|")

We can then do something with the values returned to the array.

As an example we could write them to the Immediate window using the UBound function to decide how many items have been passed (this was going to be variable remember).

For counter = 0 to UBound(Hold_OpenArgValues)
  Debug.Print "Value " & counter, Hold_OpenArgValues(counter)
Next counter

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